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20 Steps to reliable Bulk DVDs at Pro-Copy

1/ Take delivery of DVD Master DLT preferred.

2/ Purchase order to reflect DVD Type and Print requirements

  • Eg – DVD-5 with single sided insert and with Standard DVD box.
  • Assign Product Catalogue number eg PC DVD001
  • Set Delivery Deadline date if necessary (for launch etc)

3/ Verify disc contents as per requirements eg DVD-9, DVD Rom.

4/ Report / Rectify any problems.

5/ Check on DVD Player.

6/ If OK make Safety Copy of DVD Masters.

7/ Take Delivery DVD artwork – Check to specification- Report any problems to client.

  • Note: For multiple titles – Each title to be supplied on separate discs to prevent print errors. Print ready PDF preferred for Graphics (check our print specs information for other details), Print proof of each title to be supplied for comparison & checking.

8/ If OK make Safety Copy of Artwork Masters.

9/ DVD Masters & Artwork to be dispatched to production.

10/ Final Checks at production. If notified of discrepancies report any production problems to client. Rectify & re submit.

11/ Glass Master created from DVD Pre Master or DLT.

12/ Stamper produced from Glass Master.

13/ Discs molded and inspected optically for problems.

14/ On-disc print – Screen or offset, CMYK, full or spot colour

15/ Produce printed parts for booklets, tray inlay, digi-paks, cardsleeves etc.

16/ Check replicated disc contents with DVD player

17/ Check completed artwork to spec.

18/ Pack Discs, cases and artwork

19/ Dispatch to Client

20/ Catalogue & File DVD master & Artwork for future reorders