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How to Complete your Next CD project in 7 easy steps

 1/ Record your tracks, if all originals that’s great, but this is also a good time to sort your internal "band credits" - including songwriter credits and copyright approvals if you’re including cover songs or samples on your project. Nothing worse than leaving it until the last minute to sort out the approvals as this can delay the release of your new recordings.

2/ When the tracks are recorded the studio may produce a CD master or a DDP for Production. (Please note WAV files or MP3 files are not production ready).  However you might want to go to an independent mastering facility like ProCopy to have the tracks go through a final audio mastering stage and have a DDP image and CD reference copy made. At this time, Levels, gaps, fade ins and outs will be created and from the technical aspects CD Text will be added along with ISRC information if required. (You need to register & apply to ARIA for these codes)

3/ Once the CD master is approved it’s ready for production so at the same time you should be working on your artwork. The artwork specifications will vary depending on the packaging style that you are using for the project and the number of discs you are doing. Typically replication work is used for quantities of 300 plus and duplication work is used for lower quantities. We have artwork templates available on the ProCopy website or special versions can be emailed to you. It’s highly recommended that a graphics person familiar with this type of work is used as there are a number of considerations to doing this work correctly. Incorrect artwork will delay your project. Photoshop or print optimized pdfs are the best output format. Call ProCopy first if you are considering using a different format for your artwork.

4/ We have artwork tips available on our website to enable you to get things right first time. Or you can use our ProCopy inhouse graphics department for this work.

5/As with the audio if you are using copyrighted images you’ll need to seek approvals.

6/ A test print of the artwork and disc print on a calibrated printer should be outputted when completed. Please note, there will be variations in artwork compared to what you see on a screen as computer screens are often not properly calibrated and work in RGB where most print work is CMYK.

7/ Once the audio master and artwork have been approved your project will be sent to production. Any changes after this may incur extra costs so it’s important that all aspects of the audio and artwork are thoroughly checked.