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Podcast – Podcasting – Streaming audio – Audio conversions – audio transfers


The web has changed a lot over the last few years and with Web 2.0 (as it’s commonly called) we now have the capability to record and distribute audio and video content far more easily than ever before. The distribution of audio content in a convenient downloadable or streaming format is now often called “podcasting”


Podcasts may involve the creation of new content specifically for the webcasts, or the re-purposing of existing content. This may also mean converting the audio of pre-existing CDs, reel to reel recordings or audio cassettes to an appropriate format for podcasting. Podcasts are also used on the “CD Zinecast” format that ProCopy has develops and uses with some of its Corporate, and Self Help clients.


Podcasting can be used for corporate presentations or product promotions as well as instructional or educational programmes, health, well-being and lifestyle articles or even online radio stations.


There are a few stages involved in creating Podcasts and at ProCopy we typically begin with an audio recording session in our studio. The idea is to record high quality audio – regardless of the end requirement, edit the audio into the required programme and create a high quality Cd Master. This master acts as a library or archive copy of the content and can always be referred to or used again in new content and is the basis of the podcast audio.


The Audio master once approved by the client is converted into a format suitable for download or streaming audio. Usually a version of Mp3 is used and sampling rates suitable for the clients application are used. This may mean a “lo-fi” version that is suitable for dialup based customers or a higher sampling version suitable for high quality broadband connections. At all times we aim to maintain the highest quality audio to suit our clients needs.

More information and the data rates for podcasts and streaming audio can be found here.


We have developed a simple “plug-in player that can be inserted in to most websites and will host the audio content on specific servers designed for reliable streaming audio, audio downloads and for some clients video content as well.


If you want to take advantage of Web 2.0 and provide a more interactive experience for your customers or if you would like more information on the various options for recording audio or video, video editing, dvd creation and other products that you can sell in conjunction with your podcasts then call us on 08 9375 3902 or email via our contact page at


All of this information including strategic website design can be put together by Procopy’s website development division.


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