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Web Video Advert Production Perth

The statistics for video and audiences are quite astonishing - If you aren't contemplating using video more then you are letting potential business slip through your fingers.

Here's some facts about how video can help improve your business:

65% of your audience are visual learners.

Visual Data is processed 60,000 times faster than text, so it's way more efficient at getting the message across!

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86% (you don't waste potential website visitors)

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing (therefore less effort for more customers).

Here's an example

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 Audiences don't just watch a commercial, video, or film, but rather they participate emotionally in them. By paying attention to an audience's emotional response to the short-form storytelling that is a 'commercial' the advertiser can turn information into a memorable experience. This is especially so on the Internet, where ads are often viewed as an intrusion to be clicked away from.

View an example of Procopy video editing and DVD creation here. 

At Procopy we have our own 75Sq M soundproofed studio, Cameramen, audio specialists and editing facilities to produce everything you need in house. With extensive marketing knowledge we can help you with a strategy to increase sales, in short we can help you from creation through to replication.

We also work with clients like Net Profit Explosion (formerly Fit for Profit) to help produce videos suitable for web presence and promotions, See what makes BarterCard Perth tick here:  You can get more details by contacting us on 1300 4 PROCOPY

There are two ways to persuade an audience: tap into their existing mindset or change their existing belief system. the latter is a much harder challenge, but not impossible if you understand what makes people believe what they believe. We'll help you produce a targetted video using a business strategy to help you communicate to an audience on three levels: the objective, the subjective, and the conceptual.

"The Internet is evolving into the go-to medium for presenting web video ads and presentations at a cost that is sustainable by any serious business. As more and more companies begin to use the Web venue as a multimedia presentation platform, those that learn how to use the medium properly by constructing compelling, memorable story-based messages that appeal to their audiences on an emotional level will benefit the most".

The Objective

Many web video ads fail because they present a rational objective argument in their presentation. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point-of-view, most purchases are based on emotion not objective decision-making. People may justify a purchase on some rational fabrication but if truth-be-told the decision was founded on a far more emotional subjective level. Purchasing decisions based on a rational model really only work for companies who are the dominant low price leader in a commodity based marketplace - not a place most businesses want to be as margins are low and volume must be extremely high in order to make any money.

The Subjective

By tapping into the subjective level of an audience's common experiences, experiences that form the basis of an emotional response, advertisers can present a far more powerful case than one based on mere features and specifications. Commercials or web video ads that reach an audience on this subjective level can be extremely effective in aligning a product, service or brand with an audience's pre-existing set of beliefs - they will be comfortable in buying your product because they see how it fits their vision of themselves.

The Conceptual

In order to actually change people's minds rather than just convince them that you fit their pre-existing set of values and beliefs, you must reach them on a conceptual level. To achieve this level of persuasion the experience presented must not only be memorable and comprehensible; it must also be enlightening or perspective altering. This epiphany or 'seeing-the light' will then be incorporated into the audience's values and belief system and used as a cognitive decision-making reference.

The Four Types of Video-Based Commercial Constructs

In their article, 'Emotions In TV Ads,' Young and Kastenholz identified four visual storytelling constructs for creating web video ads that appeal to an audience on an emotional level.

The Emotional Pivot or Brand as Star

The Emotional Pivot storytelling construct presents the product, service or brand as hero, solving the problem presented in the video and abruptly turning a negative situation into a positive one. This three-act story line approach illustrates how an initial negative behaviour is changed into a positive one with the introduction of the product or service being advertised. The moment of change, called the 'turning point,' is when the product is introduced as hero.

The Positive Transition or Brand as Co-Star

The Positive Transition story starts with a low level of positive behaviour that abruptly turns into a higher level of positive behaviour with the brand acting as the co-star, leaving the starring role for the audience. This technique often uses misdirection to hide the brand until it is suddenly revealed as the catalyst for increased positive change. Sports car ads where the target audience is hero and the car is catalyst for getting the girl or the new job is an example of this type of commercial storytelling.

The Build or Brand as Director

The Build story technique presents a smooth flow of positive energy to the audience culminating with a strong visual payoff at the emotional climax of the commercial. In this storytelling scenario the brand is often held back and only revealed at the very end of the presentation. The brand is the director or unseen guiding hand responsible for the positive experience promised to the audience. Cosmetic commercials where admiring males are attracted to a beautiful woman who ultimately reveals her secret as the brand, is a variation of this type of commercial storytelling.

The Sustained Emotion or Brand as Producer

The Sustained Emotion commercial is your typical 'feel good' advertisement that maintains a strong positive emotional presentation throughout the production. This type of commercial often uses a montage of images or video clips with an emotional or stimulating musical score. In this case the brand is acting as the producer presenting the exciting experience you could be enjoying if only you bought into the brand.

Web video ads and presentations are levelling the playing field for small and medium businesses to compete with the big boys, but to get the message across, many of the rules of TV advertising apply.