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LP, 78, 45, 33 1/3, Tape to CD

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What formats do you accept?

LP to CD

Procopy has inhouse facilities to read and convert the audio formats listed below: 

  • LP (33 1/3) - Full length vinyl records.
  • 45 RPM (Single and EP records)
  • 12 inch singles (Long play single records such as dance mixes)
  • Extended Play 45's and 33 1/3's (Ep records)
  • 78 RPM (Old style shellac or metal based lateral or Hill and Dale single records)
  • Cassette tape - Standard and long play speeds
  • Reel-to-reel tape (1/4 inch, mono or stereo, 1 to 4 tracks - speeds from 15/16 & 1 7/8 ips to 15 i.p.s)
  • Micro Cassette tape - Standard and long play speeds
  • Mini Casette tapes - Standard and long play speeds
  • DAT tape ( Digital Audio Tape masters)
  • 8-Track (1/4 inch 8 track cartridge style tapes)
  • CD, CD-R and CDrW  (Red Book, Orange book and re writable recordable discs)
  • VHS and S-VHS
  • Video 8, Hi8 and Mini DV

What about other formats?

We have a range of international partners who can read and convert just about any format, from 8-track to Zonaphone.

Can you clean up the audio?

You can select transfer only or restore and transfer. For information on audio restoration, please view our notes on audio restoration here

How much does it cost?

For Audio to Cd Quotes complete our online form to contact us. Give a brief description of the job (the format, the length of the audio and how many copies), and we will provide a quotation within 24 hours.

Is transfer of records to CD legal?

Generally, making a copy of a copyrighted sound recording is legal as long as you own the original LP or recording, and you will keep the CD transfer for your own use. If you are the copyright holder or the work is in the public domain there are no restrictions. For multiple copies we require that the work be in public domain or proof of copyright approval. More information is provided on the AMCOS website.

It is important to note that the AMCOS casual blanket licence can only be offered for this service if the tracks being reproduced are not available in the desired format. For example, if you have a copy of a Frank Sinatra LP and want it as a CD or mp3 format, and the tracks in question are already available in CD format (i.e. through Amazon or similar), then the AMCOS licence would not cover the supply. The publishers and labels in this case are still producing and selling the music in the requested format, and for you to make copies and sell them in that format would be considered a violation of their exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the sound recordings and associated musical works.

While our service is very popular we also recommend that you do a thorough search for the CD throuhg our link below to see if it does exist somewhere. Many LPs were deemed not popular enough to sell on CD so the masters weren't converted for CD but as time passes more and more of the old titles are becomming available.

Use our search box here to see if what you are looking for is now available. If you can't find everything you're looking for then we'll gladly transfer your LP to CD for you.

Can you convert the CD to mp3?

Yes, Procopy can convert files to mp3 or Windows Media format.  Some transcription processes work only with these formats, and files can be made available for download via our streaming services provider or FTP.

Procopy has completed thousands of audio and video transfer projects over 20 years of operation: from vhs to dvd, video 8 to dvd, high 8 to dvd (view more details about video transfers here) and cassette tape to cd, through to 78 records (78s), 45 singles (45s) and 33 1/3 (LPs) to cd and mp3 format.