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CDZine (alternate to D:net) Our enhanced CD format

Low cost enhanced CD format – CD enhanced Mastering

For sometime we have been perfecting our CDZine enhanced CD format. There are a number of benefits over other types of multi-format discs or USB, primarily the main benefit is that the cost to produce multiple copies is no more that a regular CD once you have created your content. This is a very timely product when cost effective production and value for money is vital, especially as it gives your latest project a very high perceived value for the customer in a format that is recognised by consumers. 

How does CDZine work? 

  • In a CD player the audio content will play back as a normal audio CD.
  • Additional multimedia content is accessed once the Cd is played back in a PC via a logical menu page(s).
  • Typically CDZine discs we put together have a number of components, Firstly we’ll have additional audio tracks in Mp3 format (they could be alternate mixes of songs or entirely new content or even live music tracks).
  • We’ll include a video clip or two, if space permits..
  • You can include a downloadable biography of the band to use as a promotional tool. (Electronic Press Kit or EPK as they are often known) 
  • Add a picture gallery.
  • Hotlinks to your bands website, Facebook, Reverbnation, or other music site can be included to take the visitors to your latest information – keep them informed of your latest gigs or tour schedule. Twitter and other social media sites can also be added.

If you have further questions please call or click the Contact Us link above.

How much does CDZine cost?

Provide us all the necessary content and we’ll do all the authoring necessary to make your CDZine Enhanced CD. On a 500 run of discs it’ll usually only add 50 cents or so to the price of the CDs. On a 1000 run it’s even better value at around 25 cents per disc. (final cost depends on options requested).


We also can create video programmes, bio’s or additional audio content in our studios.


The major benefit is there will be no additional costs for the replicated CDs. And we can provide them with a variety of packaging options from regular jewel boxes, through to mailers or great looking digipacks.


How long does CDZine production take?

The authoring process will only take a couple of days from when we’ve got the necessary components (audio, video, artwork, web details etc). Naturally we’ll make sure you check it over and approve the master before the copies are made.

CD production will take the standard production time (i.e. No additional time required for the Enhanced CDs to be made)


How do I get the project started?

Send us an email via thethe form below and we’ll send you the “CDZine Checklist”. This will help you prepare the content for us to ensure prompt return of your reference approval copy. Or alternatively call us on 08 9375 3902.


If you would like more information about extra studio recordings, on the various options for Cd packaging, shaped CDs, business card style CDs or artwork requirements call us on 08 9375 3902 or email via the form above.