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There is often a significant investment in creating DVD Content prior to making multiple DVD copies, protecting that investment is becoming more critical at a time when there reduced sales or profit margins because of the global economic climate. Our new DVD copy protection service for short run DVD duplication is helping combat this problem. If you are preparing your next project for production make sure you apply for our ProCopy DVD Mastering Pack


Another significant factor with illegal copying is that the higher the perceived value of the content then the more likely it becomes that a purchased copy will be copied illegally. An educational or company training course for example may contain multiple DVDs in the set and retail for $900, $1299 or $2000 and above. The intellectual property value of the content is often not considered by the “domestic pirate” the only thought is that they can buy blank DVDr’s for 50 cents and spend a little bit of their time making DVD copies to pass on to their colleagues or friends.


Previously it was only practical to make copy protected copies for bulk runs of DVDs (ie 500+). New technology now enables us to make a copy protected version of your DVDR Master and then use that as the basis for our in house DVD duplication. Like all good copy protection schemes it is important to make sure you don’t disseminate unprotected test copies or demo copies of your content prior to the official launch of your product - that would defeat the purpose of copy protecting the content later on.


The software copy protect algorithm is modified frequently so that the technology stays ahead of the small minority that like to “crack” copy protected product. While no protection scheme can be considered 100% effective in this day and age, by constantly modifying the software this product is highly effective in combating DVD copying by the vast majority of  “casual pirates”.


If you produce small run videos (or DVD Roms) such as wedding videos, training programmes, product launches, education programmes or music videos then this service will be invaluable to you. You can increase sales to clients because they can’t make their own copies and you can produce more copies for bulk work because the end user won’t be able to pass on additional copies to their associates.


As an introductory offer we are only charging for the encoding of the “protected DVD master”. Contact us on 1300 4 PROCOPY or (08) 93753902 to discuss your project requirements. Costs for this service will normally include a mastering fee and a small per disc surcharge.


Along with the DVD copies we can provide a variety of printing and packaging options and the total pricing for the DVDs will be a factor of the process used to copy the discs and the method used for printing information on to the discs and any booklet or paper parts required. The style of packaging used to hold the DVDs and booklets will also vary the cost of the overall project. Our large selection of DVD packaging options can be find here.


As costs can vary a lot with the way DVD copies are made we recommend a visit to our pages on DVD Basics as it will describe the differing DVD production methods for you. If you would like to learn more information on the different ways to produce DVD copies you can visit the section at Procopy DVD Basics.  


More information on the various disc printing options can be found here - Details for CD & DVD Disc Artwork. You’ll also find our artwork glossary that contains all the terms you may hear when producing the graphics for your DVD project.


If you have a product that you value and want copy protection on DVDs from 1 – 500 DVD copies then we can now duplicate them in house within a few days. Larger runs of copy protected copies can be replicated and different pricing applies. If you ready to produce your next project and are not sure which method to use, give us a call at 08 9375 3902 or email us for more information by entering details on our Contact Us page.  We provide this service Australia-wide.