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Film & Video Production Studio, Perth WA

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Procopy's 70 sq m studio is sound proofed and carefully treated to optimise the sound. This allows you to create a professional broadcast quality production in a controlled environment for a surprisingly modest price.

Why should I shoot in a studio?

Location shoots can only look professional with a lot effort (and expense). Broadcast crews are used to compensating for too much/not enough/wrong kind of light, and the challenge of audio recording a subject with competing noise. However, a broadcast crew is beyond the budget of many productions. By shooting in a studio, the environment is controlled - and this keeps costs to a minimum. 

What can I shoot in a studio?

In 70 sq m there is a lot of scope. Typical uses are product demonstrations, advertorial 'shows', interviews, music, dancing, conferences, web seminars and drama. 

What services can you provide?

Audio and video recording, Talent, basic lighting and staging, catering, conference set-up (chairs, digital projector, flip charts, OHP) - plus help with scripting/storyboarding, direction and production. Foley work for documentaries and Children TV series' and other productions can also be accomodated.