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CD ROM Production Perth

two-discs.pngCD-ROM production (an abbreviation for "CD Read-only-memory"). Audio CDs can be read by CD players, and most computers and DVD players, but CD ROMs can, generally, only be read by computer CD or DVD drives.

In recent times content has been created for the DVD ROM medium. In practical terms, this is much the same as CD ROM but it has far greater storage capacity for video, etc.

Procopy is able to create content for both mediums:

  • Video creation, editing and formatting
  • Menu/navigation creation and encoding
  • Database creation and architecture for interactive content
  • Animation
  • Multi language support (multi soundtracks)
  • eLearning tools

Procopy is also able to:

  • Create hybrid CD ROMs that contain audio tracks for standard CD players and additional data files for CD ROM drives.
  • Link CD ROM and DVD ROM content to websites to create a live and interactive content medium. For example, while the content on the CD ROM may be 'static' (that is not updateable, such as a directory), adding web links creates dynamic and interactive content. Costs can be surprisingly modest.
  • Produce product for you using our CD-Zinecast process.

Procopy has produced hundreds of CD ROM projects for clients in Perth and across Australia, and has also served interstate clients on CD ROM and DVD ROM projects in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin and Sydney.

CD & DVD ROM production is often a crucial part of and organisation's corporate image. Procopy has devised a number of innovative disc format (for example 'clear substrate' discs) and premium CD DVD packaging. combined with our zinecast discs they make a very cost effective promotion and marketing tool.