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Video Basics and Glossary

two-discs.pngProcopy has a unique facility in Western Australia comprising 70 sq m sound proof studio, pro video editing and Hollywood-grade DVD authoring. A complete script/storyboard through Production to packaged and distributed DVD product service is available.

For the past decade, Procopy has produced broadcast-quality, creative video production and editing services for TV, training and self-help videos, eductional programs and multimedia presentations. 

Facilities and skilled operators are also available for production and post-production.

Procopy operates a professional Avid Xpress video edit suite.

Click here to view a Glossary of Video terminology.

Services include:

  • Video Editing for Tv, DVD production & Company Profiles & Product launches
  • Multimedia Projects
  • Format Conversion (PAL to NTSC and/or web & media player formats)
  • DVD, CD ROM Menu Page Creation and Graphic Design
  • Voiceover Recording and synchronisation to video
  • Multi-Lingual Services
  • Video Preparation for DVD Authoring
  • Video Filming and Crew
  • Complete Program Production and Distribution
  • Scripting & Storyboarding

There are many television video standards throughout the world. For a comprehensive explanation of formats including PAL, NTSC and Secam, and a list of Countries and their video formats visit our directory here. Video Standards Directory. To see more about DVD Region coding and how it relates to the video standards view our explanation of Region coding here.

What is nonlinear video-editing?

Non-linear means being able to access any frame in a video instantaneously. Before the digital age, editing was a destructive cut & join process. It was also linear. Non linear, non-destructive methods began to appear with the first digital images. Video and sound are first digitised to hard disks, either recorded directly to disk or imported to disk from another source. Procopy uses a gold-standard Avid system for video editing.

Video output to Sonic DVD Creator or High Quality Sony Dv Cam or Panasonic DVC Pro formats. Sony Digi-beta format available on request.

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