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DVD replication

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 Want a company in Australia for DVD Duplication, DVD replication, DVD copying? While we are located in Perth our satisfied customers are from all over the country. We have a reputation for being the best all round company based on price, speed and locality. We can duplicate from any master (eg DVD, VHS, Beta, DV) including most video standards including Pal, NTSC, SECAM (we can professionally encode your video to DVD in our Edit suite). You can have complete printing, design, and every conceivable packaging option (eg DVD Cases, DVD wallets). Our clients enjoy our retail ready package options such as DVD copy, on disc printing, packed in a DVD Box with printed jacket and printed booklet, individually shrinkwrapped if required. If you want to see pictures and all options then visit our DVD packaging gallery.

DVD replication (aka 'pressed' discs) is a commercial manufacturing process suitable for larger quantities of discs (usually over 500 copies). All commercially available movies are pressed discs. A good test for 'pirated' or burnt DVD copies is that the playing surface of a disc will often be a blue or purple colour instead of the shiney silver of a pressed DVD. Many businesses and niche entertainment and training companies require smaller quantities of discs (under 500) and they are best produced through DVD duplication (aka 'burned' discs).

If you need bulk DVD copies please call or click the Contact Us link above.

  • There are no DVD replication plants in Perth or Western Australia - all fast turnaround work is done by disc duplication.
  •  For replicated CDs or DVDs "discs only" (i.e no printed paper parts) we can produce copies with a lead time of 2-5 working days (With paper parts and packaging options ideally 7-10 working days). 
  • If you are producing your own masters why not ask for a DVD Mastering Pack?. This will help ensure your receive the results you are looking for with your finished product. View the Procopy DVD Mastering Pack here.  
  • Unsure of what you need?  you can view disc production methods here for more information.

    Got an urgent job where you need CDs or DVDs at short notice? (e.g same day or overnight), for fast CD or DVD duplication options can be seen here

    For information on blu ray discs, or HD DVD please click the images.

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