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Audio restoration

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Procopy has been at the forefront of audio restoration and audio and data archiving for close on two decades. A library of some 8,000 CD Masters is maintained in a controlled and secure environment.

While this is a standard part of our business, audio preservation, restoration and enhancement is an area that we now specialise in on an almost daily basis. Working with Government departments. companies and private individuals we help prolong the life of their valuable recordings.

cassette tape restorationSpecialist Audio Restoration Services include:

  • Restoration and digitising of audio and video content
  • Transfer or conversion to CD, DVD or other digital formats
  • Most current and past formats, including 78's, LP records, Singles (45's) and tape formats (reel-to-reel/audio cassette)
  • Vinyl Record - de-click and de-crackle
  • Audio Tape - de-noise & distortion reduction
  • Mini & Micro-Cassette - audio enhancement
  • Digital Audio Master Tape - interpolation & removal of distortion and drop-outs
  • Complex filtering & de-noising for specialist applications
  • Cataloging and archiving

What kinds of noises can be removed or decreased? 

  • Scratches
  • Crackles
  • Pops
  • Vinyl hiss
  • Cylinder noise
  • Tape hiss
  • Static noise
  • Hum
  • Buzzes
  • Motor or A/C noise
  • Constant pitched noises
  • Clicks or ticks
  • Correct the pitch or the speed of a recording
  • Remove excessive low or high frequencies
  • Remove the RIAA phono curve and/or use alternative curves
  • Create high frequencies using the mid-range frequencies with the use of an "Exciter"
  • Give recordings a sweeter, tube-amplifier sound
  • Give recordings a harsher, digital sound

Is the original sound degraded by the transfer process?

Each recording is individually analyzed by a skilled audio engineer, and only corrections that act on the noise (not the music) are applied. If you are concerned about preserving the high frequency content of your recording, make us aware of this when you place your order. If your tapes, records or LP has absolutely no noise of any kind, use the "Transfer Only" service.

We'll usually provide you with a "working copy" CDs and an Archive Grade Master CD copy to be filed for further use if the working copy gets damaged. Audio restoration is a specialised discipline requiring skills and high quality equipment and media.


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