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Fast, Large & Reliable Tape Back up solutions

If your enterprise needs the ability to archive large amounts of data, then there's always questions of reliability.

FujiFilm have now introduced a new LTO-6 Formulation that enables large amounts of data storage in a tape based format. The introduction of Barium Ferrite (BaFe) tape oxides unlock the potential for massive increases in speed, reliability and storage.

The Technical and Operational Values of Barium Ferrite Tape Media white paper explains the relevance in today's data archiving 

If you don't have time to read the white paper these are the important points.

The white paper was put together by the well respected and independent Enterprise Strategy Group.

The tangible benefits that using Barium Ferrite-coated LTO tapes will bring to your business on a daily basis can be summed up simply as, "better, more efficient technology that will save you time and money."

Barium Ferrite gives LTO tapes:
- a very long archival life
- a very low error rate
- very high capacity and fast transfer rates
- increased robustness and durability


Fujifilm is the only manufacturer that uses superior Barium Ferrite magnetic particles instead of standard metal particles in its LTO-6 tapes.
Barium Ferrite can maintain critical magnetic properties such as coercivity, frequency characteristics and lower noise even with a smaller particle size, resulting in the LTO-6 cartridge having higher capacity compared to past generations of LTO cartridges. As it's already oxidised Barium Ferrite is chemically stable and does not get easily demagnetised by outside energy interference.