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CD mastering Perth

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Procopy has been Audio CD Mastering to Red Book standard since the format was invented, including many for Perth's leading bands (including several that have gone on to international success).

What is Audio CD Mastering?

cd mastering perthIt is the final part of the creative process and the first part of the manufacturing process. It is the last chance to adjust audio compression, EQ (tonal control), fade in/fade out, gap length (between tracks) and PQ coding (start and end IDs). The resulting CD-R is a 'Master' for duplication or a 'pre-Master' for replication. We often now create a DDP image for replication work as this also contains a checksum to verify the accuracy of the data. In the replication process a pre-Master CD or DDP image is used to create the actual 'Glass Master' that is used to make the stampers that are part of the manufacturing process for pressed discs.

Our Smart AV Tango Console


If you are going to complete your own audio Cd mastering then why not ask for one of our CD MASTERING PACKs?

What is Audio CD Red Book standard?

A Red Book CD-R (aka PMCD) is the final pre-master before discs are duplicated or a Glass Master is prepared for replicatation. It will play in CD players because CD players were designed to read data prepared to the Red Book specification.

What if the master isn't Red Book standard?

Many pro CD players - including those used for replication and performance - will ONLY play Red Book standard CDs. So a CD-R 'mastered' on a PC or Mac may not be read accurately or at all.(for example a data discs with .Wav files will not play on most standard cd players). This yields a number of problems. First, chances are the disc can't be replicated properly. Second, perhaps it can but the manufactured disc has errors. Most common are errors that determine the track sequence and breaks: Table of Content (TOC) errors.

How does good CD Mastering improve the sound?

EQ (tonal control), noise reduction, volume (levels) & compression ratios can be surgically tweaked. Sound may be sweetened (or soured if desired) and the stereo image can be adjusted. Many recordings (especially live sessions) can sound 'weak' before adjustment through mastering. 

How much does it cost?

Procopy provides the finest value CD Mastering in Australia, and attracts work from around the world. Pricesstart from AU$250 to AU$300 for a CD Master, including a reference copy disc.

What to check before production? 

Here's a basic checklist for Cd Mastering & sound 'sweetening'

Having a good idea of what you want before a CD Mastering session can save time and money. Sometimes we may even recommend that you 'remix' rather than try to fix a problem. Bringing in some examples of the direction you want to go with the audio is also a great idea.

Here's some questions to review before coming in for the mastering session:

» When completed, I hope my project:

  • Doesn’t really change at all
  • Sounds just a little smoother
  • Sounds just a little more edgy
  • Sounds a lot different (elaborate ...)

» Overall, I think my recording:

  • Sounds fine
  • Sounds pretty good; just needs tweaking
  • Needs some special treatment (elaborate ...)
  • Pretty much needs a complete makeover (elaborate ...)

» The levels in the mix are:

  • Just what I wanted
  • Not quite right (name what you think is too loud or too soft)

» The overall tonal quality in the high frequencies are:

  • Just right
  • Could be a bit brighter
  • Could be a lot brighter
  • A bit too bright
  • Way too bright

» The overall tonal quality in the mid frequencies are:

  • Just right
  • A little 'smeared'
  • Sounding like they are taking over

» The overall tonal quality in the low frequencies are:

  • Just right
  • A bit boomy
  • Way too boomy
  • A little aneomic
  • Lows? What lows?

» The stereo image is:

  • Just right
  • Seems okay, but feel free to tweak it a bit
  • Too narrow
  • Too wide and unrealistic 

» The dynamic range is:

  • Just right
  • Seems okay, but feel free to tweak it a bit
  • Too wide
  • Pretty squished

» The overall volume is:

  • Just right
  • Needs to be brought up to a commercial level
  • Needs to be louder than anything else in the universe and I don’t care about sacrificing quality

If you are in Perth, you can come into the studio with your raw audio and we can discuss your needs from the CD Mastering process. If you are interstate or overseas, we can receive your raw audio via mail or ftp. You can upload to our streaming server free-of-charge. We have CD Mastering clients in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.