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A very specialised service that Procopy provides is our range of forensic audio services. Especially catering to law enforcement agencies, law firms and other accredited organisations such as investigation agencies.

Forensic basics - what are we trying to achieve?

forensic audioQuite often audio and video survellience recordings are done in adverse circumstances and consequently the end results can be difficult to comprehend and be of little use in dispute resolution. With careful treatment by our knowledgeable staff the end results can usually be vastly improved.

We can now accept audio files from anywhere in the country via our server, this means that you receive much faster service without having to wait for couriers or freight, We can quickly assess the recordings and make further recommendations.

  • The goal of much forensic audio treatment is to make speech more understandable by improving the quality of an audio recording so it may be used for a transcript or playback at a trial
  • This usually means improving voice quality in recordings with a very poor signal to noise ratio
  • Speech is often masked by buzzes, high or low frequency noises and impulse noises such as pops and crackles
  • Sometimes the recording device also introduces problems such as tape saturation, clipping, hum or distortion
  • The problems are analysed initially by trained ear (an art in itself). Then the audio is digitised, and the problems are sampled and measured through graphical representation
  • Filters are used to enhance the audio to a point where transcription is possible and/or the target sound or sounds can be heard more clearly

Restoration and Audio recovery

Special processing techniques enable Procopy to enhance and restore audio from recordings made covertly and/or though low quality recording mediums such as microcassettes, phone messaging or hand held devices. It involves intensive signal processing and special noise elimination. The audibility of sounds and the intelligibility of speech may be significantly improved.  Examples of common problems include distorted recordings, excessive noise of some type, speed & azimuth errors, demagnetised tapes, and dropouts.  Learn how audio forensics helped with the Watergate Tapes

Advanced Signal Manipulation

This involves isolating or eliminating specific sounds (other than 'noise') from recorded material, or to perform selective manipulation & amplification to uncover or mask specified sounds. Common examples are music or voice removal and phone tone removal.

Audio evidence preparation (Forensic Audio Services)

Procopy compiles and creates professional audio and/or visual presentations of the Processed Audio Media including sound montages, video and/or audio extracts - to be presented to lawyers, juries, and other parties. 

Voice print analysis

This is becoming a more common function of forensic audio and involves analysing voice recordings for similarities or discrepancies. Graphical representations of a voice recording are produced by sophisticated software and the resultant “spectrograms” are used for determining the likelihood of voice matches. This is highly specialised work.

Acoustical Signal Analysis

Procopy has recently updated its software to enable a range of new forensic audio services.

Acoustical Signal Analysis (ASA) provides the means to decipher hard-to-hear or inaudible speech signals through forensic phonetics and experimentation. Performing lab experiments, signal analysis, and through critical listening, Procopy can attempt to extract the speech data, and provide an index of accuracy. Though ASA it is also possible to determine other aspects of the circumstances under which a recording was made. For instance, it may be possible to obtain an approximation of the relative location between speakers, the recording device, and other acoustic elements.


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