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When your tracks are mixed in the studio it's common to go through a mastering process to complete the CD master for production of bulk copies.

ProCopy can accept your project in 3 different ways. If you have further questions please call or click the Contact Us link above.

1/ A Red Book CD Master provided on a CD

2/ A DDP Master provided on a CD, Flash Drive or Electronically or,

3/ Individual WAV files (We then go on to create a DDP Master or Red Book CD Master and a reference copy for approval)

The style of master depends somewhat on the quantity of discs you are producing, We generally prefer a DDP master for bulk replication 300+ CDs and a CD Master for duplicated CDs - typically now up to 300 discs. 

If you are providing a DDP file we recommend that you have an approval copy on CD that you have checked prior to production. This will save time if there are any issues issues detected at the manufacturing stage.

If you are providing a CD master it should be provided to Red Book Specification. That is 44,1Khz, 16 Bit, Stereo files as CD Audio (Not Mp3. WAV or AIFF Files). Our inhouse production process will create an image of your master for production of your copies.  Please note: that compressed Mp3s and Wav files provided on a CD is not a CD master (It's in fact a data disc or CD Rom) While they can be copied as is and will play on most computers they won't play in most CD players and therefore it isnt considered a CD Audio master.

When checking your master copies you should check the following for accuracy and consistency:

1/ Number of tracks, order and times,

2/ Starts and ends of tracks aswell as gaps for required duration

3/ Volume level and tonal quality, as desired

4/ Check for errors, pops, clicks distortion or other faults,

5/ Verify CD Text if used. for artist, track titles and project name.

6/ Verify any ISRC numbers if used on your songs.

Download our printable Master Checklist for your CD Cover here.

CD Master Checklist

When bringing in your project print out and supply the master details and tracklisting with the CD master.

A Master and safety copy should be provided as we will analyse your cd master disc for errors and quality of the burning process (please note this will not detect faults with the mix). The best copy will be used for the duplication work. Always use high quality discs and low speeds when burning your master copies.

If you are providing a DDP master please ensure that all the necessary files are supplied including, the all important Checksum file (md5). This file verifies the data contained in the DDP image. You should listen to a CD copy made from this DDP image prior to the production process as this is what your customers will hear. 

We will only proceed to the production stage once the DDP image has been approved by the client.

ProCopy can produce DDP images as well as Red Book Standard CD masters, contact us for more details. 

There's more information on the CD mastering process here