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Audio Basics & Glossary

CD Mastering PerthProcopy has been at the centre of Western Australia's audio recording, mastering and duplication industry for two decades. Celebrating our 20th birthday in 2008.

Over 3,500 artists including bands, orchestras and choirs have used Procopy's facilities. 

There are three recording suites connected to our 75 sqm studio: Mark Whitehouse's 'Sonic Lab' and our 'Soundstage Control Room'. We also have our Video control room that has access to the soundstage for film foley work.  Contact us on 08 9375 3902 if you want to "dry hire" our studio and control room, it's available at very competitive rates.

Why should I use a recording studio?

Procopy's Soundstage has been designed by experts to provide an ideal sonic environment to record music and speech. Sure, you can record in your bedroom or at a live venue, but the sound will be 'coloured' by the surfaces, elements within the room and external noise. Procopy is often asked to 'fix up' coloured sound recordings. This is often more expensive than recording in a studio in the first place.

Why should I pay for an audio engineer?

Quite simply, you're paying for experience and technology. While home studios MAY provide adequate demos and the odd sonically excellent track, most home studios produce sound that is expensive or impossible to fix up. Procopy has hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of equipment and - in Mark Whitehouse 30 years of live and recording audio experience.

I can get my recording done for $50 an hour

For the reasons stated above, you'll understand that we can't compete with your quote. Procopy has made a significant investment in our facilities and can help you get the most out of every hour, however. That's where experience and technology counts.

What about distribution deals and recording contracts?

For information on entering into an agreement with Management and/or Distributors, please view our Guide to Music Distribution deal pitfalls here.

Want to know what some of those confusing audio terms mean?

We have basic audio terms and other information in our ProCopy glossary of audio terms

How can I find out more about audio production techniques?

There are many excellent books available on the topic of audio editing, mastering ( for example Bob Katz's fantastic book 'Mastering Audio 2nd Edition' ) and audio production techniques. You can view his book here and many audio related topics:


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