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National Speakers Association - Audio Training Programmes - Public Speaking - Motivation Talks - Recording Company Forums - CSP Certified Speaking Professional.

Hundreds of our clients are members of organisations such as the National Speakers Association of Australia and we help them create audio programmes for training packages, information dissemination, public speaking or motivation purposes.

We have a portable system for recording on location including high quality digital recorders, wireless microphones and audio mixers. We record many seminars with public speakers, company meetings or forums and motivational talks and we find these “live” recordings often contain an energy that is hard to replicate in a studio situation.

However, many National Speakers Association members have no control over the venue.  The audio quality can sometimes be compromised by the surrounding environment, traffic noise, crowds of people in other rooms, noisy air conditioning, acoustically poor rooms, electrical interference and other types of audio interference are common problems with location recording. A site survey prior to recording is often beneficial in determining whether a venue is suitable for the intended recording.

Many National Speakers Association & CSP members use our studio facilities. Procopy has a comprehensive recording facility with 75 square metres of recording space and 3 control rooms - 2 Audio editing suites and a video editing and DVD creation suite. Here we can record a single person or multiple voices (interview style) in a controlled environment and edit the content in one of our suites to create a high quality audio master.  Local NSAA Mentor David Julian Price CSP can be contacted on 1300 882 785 or Via email  or through his website.

Copyright paid library music can be added to the audio training programme or presentation to give it a professional finish. Once the editing has been completed we can then output a variety of copies in different formats such as Wav files, podcasts in Mp3 or streaming audio for webcasts in a number of formats dependent on your application.

Once completed the masters can then be duplicated in our production area in short run quantities to test an audio cd's market prior to us producing a bulk run of discs.

Finished programmes can then be used by National Speakers Association members for corporate presentations or product promotions as well as instructional or educational programmes, motivation, health, well-being and lifestyle programmes or even websites to enhance a customers online experience. Our sister company Treble7 has some good examples of web oriented audio and video programmes.

Audio masters are often transferred to CD and there are a number of packaging options available to enhance the look of your product, More than ever the choice of packaging is vital in improving the saleable value of these types of programmes by National Speakers Association members, and we cater for a variety of marketing ideas and custom designed CD shapes and packaging options. In some cases our CD Zinecast format is used to combine audio, video and text based information into a comprehensive and cost effective multimedia product.

Multiple CD sets can be housed in presentation caddies, plastic sleeves, card wallets or Digipacks as well as the standard cd boxes and Cd mailers - variations of these different packaging styles can be found in the Procopy Digipack and Cardsleeve gallery.

If you are a NSAA or CSP member and travelling to Perth to give a talk, presentation or motivation seminar, call us in advance to book a recording session at the venue or in our studio by calling us on 08 9375 3902.

If you would like to become a Certified Speaking Professional you can download an application form and guidlelines here: CSP Application Form

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