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cd replication

CD replication


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CD replication (aka 'pressed' discs) is a manufacturing process suitable for larger quantities of discs (usually over 500).  Commercially available music CDs and many software programmes are released as pressed discs. Many businesses and niche entertainment and training companies require smaller quantities of discs (under 500). These are best produced through duplication (aka 'burned' discs).

  • There are no CD replication plants in Perth or WA. There is a minimum lead time of 3-7 working days (ideally 10 days with full packages).

Unsure of what you need? We have more information on CD replication and CD duplication here. Or ask for our Free CD Mastering Pack to help get your CD Project get off to a good start.

Got an urgent job where you need CDs or DVDs at short notice? (as fast as overnight), please view details here of our fast turnaround CD Copying Service.

 If you have an enquiry about bulk CD copies click the contact us link above and we'll respond asap.

Want a company in Australia for CD Duplication, CD replication, CD copying? While we are located in Perth our satisfied customers are from all over the country. We have a reputation for being the best all round company based on price, speed and locality. We can duplicate from any master (eg Audiotape, PCM masters, DAT, Reel or CD including most audio standards (we can professionally encode your audio to a professional red book standard CD in our SonicLab suite). You can have complete printing, design, and every conceivable packaging option (eg CD jewel Cases, CD PVC wallets and Digipacks). Our clients enjoy our retail ready package options such as CD disc, high quality on disc printing, packed in a CD Box with printed jacket and printed booklet, individually shrinkwrapped if needed. If you want to see pictures of some of our replicated CD projects and all the packaging options then visit our gallery. you can also subscribe to our ProCopy Hot Band of the Day and see many or our CD projects, follow the ProCopy Hot B.O.Ds by follow us on Twitter via the home page or connect with us through Facebook.

More Information about CD Replication

If you need to make multiple CD copies of a Master disc in the hundreds or thousands then the process for cost efficient disc manufacture is called CD Replication. This involves a completely different manufacturing process than short runs of CDrs. Extra consideration will have to be made in organising the project as the turnaround time for replication is generally slightly longer than CD duplication, however the quality is second to none.  

CD audio, Disc only and package pricing for projects done with replication are now very cost effective and discs produced in this manner are often turned around in 7 days depending on the quantity needed and packaging options required.

The pricing for these discs will be determined by the quantity produced and the number of pages in the booklet or other paper parts required. The style of packaging used to hold the CDs and booklets will also vary the cost of the overall project, for example it's now becoming more common to use Digipack style packaging  than the standard CD jewel case or CD Single box.

Multiple Replicated CD sets may be supplied in card sleeves, CD caddies, DVD cases or larger versions of Digipacks. We have many styles of CD packaging to accommodate a variety of needs.  

There are more details available about the packaging options for CDs view more custom Cd packaging options here.

In a technical sense CD Replication refers to the process of manufacturing bulk CDs via the stamping or molding process (as in shop bought Music CDs, Enhanced CDs or software data discs). The CD replication process requires that a “Glass Master” and “stamper” are produced from your supplied CD master. Stamper making is a critical part of the process and is the work of the mastering engineer. Once the nickel stamper has been tested and inserted in to the molding machine the manufacturing process is very fast (approximately 3-4 seconds per CD). A very fine 'silver' layer of aluminium is “sputtered” on to the plastic disc, another layer of polycarbonate is sprayed over the metalised layer and then these discs are optically inspected for defects prior to having the artwork information screen printed or offset printed on to them. 

In contrast CD Duplication usually refers to the process of producing copies with CD Burners and recordable compact discs or CDrs.  

Once the discs have been produced they will require some kind of artwork on them. This could be text only, text and logos or even a full colour image across the surface of the disc. With replicated CD product the artwork on the disc is usually printed in one or two ways, “screen printed” or Offset printed. The quality of each type of print is very high and is usually around 300dpi and produced from a four colour or CMYK artwork file. DuoTone and extra specific PMS colours can also be requested at extra charge up to a total of 6 colours. We have a convenient ftp service for uploading your artwork files electronically to us. Procopy replicated discs now include environmentally "ECO" friendly vegetable based inks for the printed paper parts and cardsleeves as standard.

Piracy issues are of concern to everyone as they undermine the value of your replicated CD. At Procopy we use only IFPI licensed facilities for our replication work, and naturally this has a small cost per disc associated with its implementation. However, it does ensure the utmost protection for your project from start to finish. The licensing agreement has strict enforcement programmes and you should ask your potential replicator if they are current member of IFPI and can provide a current IPFI certificate. If you would like to know more about the IFPI Anti Piracy agreements don't hesitate to contact us via

Procopy delivers replicated discs FAST via DHL airfreight to clients directly, Australia - wide.   

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