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Concert For Pecko DVD

It's taken a while folks but the DVD is now available for the concert fundraiser that was put on for John "Pecko" Petkovich - a great memento of a concert that brought together over 20 of Perth's awesome musicians.

The cream of perth musicians came together to help Members from…

V Capri, Fatty Lumpkin, Dave Hole,

Flying Fonzarelis, Ice Tiger, Jets

Bakery, Vdelli, Mod Squad,

Flash Harry, Slim JimThe Night After

Ice, Hooker, Invaders, The Motors

and Breakaway,


So many industry people raised their hands to help.

Sound engineers, Lighting operators 

Kosmic Sound, Charles Hotel 

The Hen House Studios, Apollo studios 

The Blues Club,

Pick up a copy for $25.00 by calling in to ProCopy or you can pay via Paypal

and we'll post one out for $29.70