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Bootleg Sessions - Music Recording

Bootleg Sessions – Music Recording - Band Recording – Demo Recording CD Master

At ProCopy we’re conscious that the music industry is going through some challenging times so we’ve come up with some studio recording packages to help independent bands produce some demo tracks and output some CDs. We’ve called these recordings our Bootleg Sessions and we’re now taking bookings.

They’re intended to be quick “raw” types of sessions but give flexibility depending on how far you want to go and what you want to produce as an end product.

Package #1 is priced at a low $495.00 and will give you 3-4 hours in the studio and 40 Demo Cds

(you provide your own artwork for the finished discs though!)

Here’s how a typical session will go:

  • 1 Hour allowed to set up and sound check
  • 1 Hour to record a “set of Songs” like you’d play live.
  • 1 Hour “Quick Mix” mix down songs for the Cd master
  • ½ Hour CD master and output
  • 40 Slimline Cd copies and 2panel insert produced.

You can take away the ProTools files and mix down further at home if required or you can spend more time in our control room to fine tune a couple of tracks if you want to at our normal mix down rates and produce another demo EP. Or you can spend more time on the CD mastering stage if your budget allows.

These Bootleg Sessions will give you a quickie recording that you can use for getting gigs, “Live” CD release or just gauging how your band is going.

Call 9375 3902 now and ask for Mark or Troy and we’ll book you in for your next recording.

Bookmark this page as other Bootleg Session packages coming soon.

If you would like more information on the various options for custom CDs packages call us on 08 9375 3902 (or you can check out more about CD copies here ).

We can help you with graphic design work for your packages too, or you can provide your own to our specifications - see more details here  on our artwork specifications page