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Procopy CD Mastering Pack - A Grade Master CDRs - CD Audio Master Preparation

Audio CD master preparation at ProCopy is usually done in our edit suite known as The SonicLab, however we also find many bands, businesses and clients want to provide their own masters from their audio editing programmes and computers.

In many cases we will analyse the masters or go to produce the copies and find that the masters are not up to standard, this can delay a project or cause extra costs in fixing up the masters.

To help you produce the best masters possible for your music, educational or Cd Rom project, we have now created our CD Mastering Pack,(see the video faq below). To obtain one of these packs call our office on (08) 9375 3902.

The Procopy CD Mastering Pack contains: 

  • 2 x High Quality Mastering Grade CDR discs (helps keeps technical errors to a minimum and you can produce a Master and extra Cd safety copy).
  • 2 x Soft mailer boxes (Less prone to cracking and damaging your masters in transit).
  • 2 x Tech check lists.
  • 1 x CD Audio Checklist for error free burning.
  • 1 x Artwork specification sheet (Helps you prepare the artwork for best results).
  • 1 x Procopy Disc Guide ©2009  for checking on disc artwork. 
  • 1 x Link to our comprehensive library of artwork templates.

By following our recommendations for the audio and artwork specifications and preparing your masters on the High Quality discs provided your project should give you the results you desire.

View technical specifications and our CD analysing procedure here on our website.

If you’re just getting ready to do your next project call us now for your Procopy CD Mastering Pack

If you would like more information on the various options for CD packaging, custom designed, shaped CDs, business card style CDs call us on 08 9375 3902 or email via our contact page on

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Mark takes you through the items in our CD Mastering Pack in our ProCopy Video

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