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Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse - Kalyakoorl - ProCopy HoT Band of the Day 


Gina Williams Guy Ghouse Kalyakoorl Cover Kalyakoorl CD     

Released: 2014,  Catalogue No. GWGG001 

Copyright ©2012 Gina Williams, Guy Ghouse

Style: Acoustic / Indigenous / Roots Music / Folk Rock

Bio Adapted from CD Booklet:

Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse duo 

This album is the culmination of language, music courage, friendship and healing. Gina & Guy have been travelling the wheatbelt of Western Australia delivering songwriting workshops and worked together on language songs

Guy's musical influencesc come in part from Fitzroy Crossing where there is a strong focus on family & community, the opportunity to record with Gina has created an album with beautiful music and great spiritual meaning and respect for the history of the country and the people that have gone before.

Enjoy the journey forever

CD SONG TITLES – Kalyakoorl (Forever)
  1. Warangka
  2. Kalyakoorl
  3. Nyittiny Boodja
  4. Nyit Yok Barnap
  5. Balladong Worl
  6. Maambart
  7. Ngany Koorliny
  8. Moordiyap
  9. Iggy's Lullaby
  10. Moorditj Ballandong Yok (* ©G M Sumner)
  11. Boorda   

Bonus Track - Wanjoo

Band Members:    

  • Gina Williams - Vocals
  • Guy Ghouse - All Guitars & Ukelele 
  • Russell Holmes - Piano
  • Roy Martinez - Bass
  • Arunachala Sargunsingam - Percussion
  • Lee Buddle - Alto Flute, Piano
  • Lauren McGill - Backing Vocals
  • Bella McGill - Backing Vocals     

Produced By: Guy Ghouse, Gina Williams, Lee Buddle

Recording Studios: Crank Recording, Perth. Australia 

Recorded by: Lee Buddle

Mixed by: Lee Buddle 

Mastered by: Lee Buddle

CD Artwork: Colin Sparks - Taylor Sparks

Photography: - Gareth Anderson

Distributed by and for more info: Independent – Gina Williams Guy Ghouse
Website: Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse 


Facebook: Guy Ghouse

Youtube Video: Gian Williams & Guy Ghouse - Warangka Live  

Amazon Downloads:


Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

4 Panel Gatefold Cardsleeve, Full Colour Print, Matt Laminate Finish

12 panel booklet

CD printed with white base and full colour print.


For more information on CD or DVD packaging, view our comprehensive website details.


Fairbridge Festival The Best of - 1997-2014 - Directors' Cut

 Fairbridge Festival 2014 Sampler

 Fairbridge Festival CD1 1997-2013

Released March 2014 Catalog No. FFCD014

Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved Folkworld  Inc.

Style: Folk/ Roots/ Blues / Acoustic / Celtic / a capella / World Music

Bio edited from Fairbridge Festival website:



FAIRBRIDGE FESTIVAL - an annual family-friendly celebration of folk, roots, blues, acoustic, celtic, a capella and world music in a traffic-free, self-contained bushland site at Fairbridge Village, South West Highway, 5 km north of Pinjarra, Western Australia.

The festival is entering its 22nd year in 2014 and continues to go from strength to strength.

 Fairbridge Festival: April 25 – 27 2014

Fairbridge Village, South West Highway, Pinjarra, Western Australia

This year there is a double CD set, a Directors' Cut compilation from the last 15 years and the 2014 Artist Sampler

Song & Artists CD1 1997 - 2013: 

  1. Ten Cent Shooters - Have a Good Time
  2. Ragabillys - Guitar Swing
  3. The Waybacks - Been Around
  4. The Old Spice Boys - Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards
  5. Andy Irvine - Never Tire of the Road
  6. Tony McManus - Lady Anne Montgomery's Reel, Eilish Brogan, Paddy Fahey's
  7. Nancy Kerr and James Fagan - Dance to Your Daddy/The Flaming Drones
  8. Genticorum - Les Tisserands
  9. Trouble in the Kitchen - Jigs: The Road to Skye, Ellen O'Grady's, Elaine Jeffrey's
  10. Mara! - Curl Curl Curl
  11. The haBiBis - Milous Mou Kokkino (My Red Apple)
  12. Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana - Scapoli
  13. The Mammals - Solo le Pido a Dios
  14. Narasirato Pan Pipers - Ao (The White Heron)
  15. Simon Nield - We're Mostly Water
  16. Kristina Olsen (2004) - Truth of a Woman - Kristina Olsen Website
  17. Chris While and Julie Matthews - Together Alone
  18. James Keelaghan - McConville's
  19. The Wailin' Jennys - One Voice
  20. Louisa Wise with the Wise Family Band - The Fairbridge Waltz

Song & Artists CD2 2014:

  1. Rory McLeod – Applause
  2. Grace Barbé – Peser
  3. Himmerland – Kun til Kanten/Hen I April
  4. Cole and Van Dijk – Three Days Notice
  5. Jane Thompson – Yandoit
  6. Junior – November
  7. Eleanor McEvoy – Secret of Living
  8. Kamerunga – Queensland Whalers/Sligo Creek
  9. Jaaleekaay – Mama Pray
  10. Equus – Be Midgghul
  11. Ensemble Formidable – Industrial Chook
  12. Formidable Vegetable SS – No Such Thing as Waste
  13. The Seals – Ramblin’ Man
  14. Mick Thomas – The Castlefield Ladies Magic Circle
  15. Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir – Dance With Me
  16. Sasta – Devlin Set
  17. Coolgrass – Jaguar
  18. Ami Williamson – We Travel in Cars
  19. Ange Takats – Hotel Napkin
  20. Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse – Iggy’s Lullaby


Band Members:

See individual band websites for comprehensive band member listings. 

Produced By: FolkWorld Inc – Steve Barnes

Recording Studios: Various

Recorded by: Various see individual artists

Mixed by: Various see individual artists CD 

Mastered by: Mark Whitehouse (The SonicLab Perth, WA)

CD Production: ProCopy

Artwork: Tad Graphics

Distributed by and for more info: Independent – FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival Inc.
Website: Fairbridge Festival

Facebook: Fairbridge Festival Facebook Page

Video: 2013 Promo Video 

 Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

6 Panel Gatefold Card Sleeve

3 pocket w/thumb cut

White Base CD with Colour Print

ProCopy are Proud Sponsors of the 2014 FolkWorld Fairbridge Festival.


Fairbridge Festival The Best of - 1997-2014 - Directors' Cut

Released March 2014 Catalog No. FFCD014

Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved Folkworld  Inc.

Style: Folk/ Roots/ Blues / Acoustic / Celtic / a capella / World Music

Bio edited from Fairbridge Festival website: