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MELODY POOL - The Hurting Scene - PROCOPY HOT BOD Jan 2013


Melody Pool - The Hurting Scene ProCopy Band of the Day,

CD Title:  "The Hurting Scene”      

Melody Pool - The Hurting Scene CD CoverMelody Pool - The Hurting Scene CD

Released: 2013,  Catalogue No. N/A 

Copyright ©2013 Melody Pool

Style:  Country / Acoustic / Folk

Bio edited from Timber and Steel wordpress site:

Hailing from the Hunter Valley in NSW Melody Pool’s music is equal parts country and folk and she has one of those voices you just want to listen to for hours. My first reaction to Pool’s music was how strongly it resembled that of Laura Marling (a fact not lost on the reviewers on her Unearthed Page) but upon listening to herAwake, You’re All Around Me EP more closely it’s clear that she is more than a Marling clone weaving elements of country and indie music throughout her songs.

Melody Pool will be launching her brand new album The Hurting Scene at Tamworth this year. 

CD SONG TITLES – MELODY POOL  – “The Hurting Scene”  CD

  1. the Hurting Scene
  2. Open Book
  3. Somebody You've Never Met Before
  4. All Of The Love
  5. Xavier
  6. Henry
  7. On The 'Morrow
  8. Lion On The Loose
  9. Reckless Road
  10. Substitute
  11. Royal Queen (Mary)
  12. Pretty Little End

Melody Pool Band Musicians: 

  • ·         Melody Pool – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • ·         Daniel Cohen
  • ·         Derek Nixon
  • ·         Chris Risapante
  • ·         Brad Jones
  • ·         Jace Everett
  • ·         Chris Carmichael
  • ·         Jacques Beasley         

Produced By: Brad Jones, Jace Everett and Melody Pool

Recording Studios:  "Alexander The Great" Studio, Nashville USA

Recorded by: Brad Jones, Melody Pool

Mixed by: Brad Jones, Nashville, USA 

Mastered by: Jim Demain – Yes Master Studios 

CD Artwork: Andrew Allingham – Purple Design


Distributed by and for more info: Independent – Melody Pool 

Facebook: Melody Pool

Youtube Video: Melody Pool 

Amazon Downloads:

 Myspace: Melody Pool 


Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

4 Panel Gatefold card Sleeve, Special Paper Stock

8 panel Full Colour Booklet, special paper stock

Double crescent cut

CD printed with white base and full colour print.


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Porsah Laine - Feel This - ProCopy HoT BoD

Porsah Laine ProCopy band of the Day,

CD Title:  "Feel This”      

Porsah Laine - Feel This_CD Cover

Porsah Laine Feel This_CD

Porsah Laine CD Cover

Released: March 2010,  Catalog No: SBX022

Copyright ©2010 All Rights Reserved Porsah Laine

Style: Hip Hop / Classical Opera & vocal / Soundtracks / Film Music / Dance

Bio edited from Porsah Laine myspace site:

Porsah Laine - (pronounced pour sah lane) - has been singing sultry verses on some of Australia's finest Hip Hop Releases - Downsydes' "el Questro " and Drapht's "Who Am I" included in her appearance on 13 releases. With no formal vocal or musical training the rawness and passion she has for life and world affairs is evident in both her recorded and live performances. Lyricist and songwriter - Porsah laines passion for music has finally bolied to the brim this year when she started live solo performances and is finalising her album in the coming months- with music and producted by Rob Shaker - Dazastah- apt - squared - and many more – CD Released March 2010

Feel This - Song Titles:

  1. Happy As A  Pig In Shit (dirty version)
  2. My First Time
  3. Feel This
  4. Roll (Dazastan & Porsah Laine)
  5. United Nations of Fear
  6. Soldier

10.  Change

11.  Dumb Dumb feat. Layla

12.  Myspace feat Clecmate

13.  Owed to Papa feat. Grevis

14.  Rewind

15.  Selfhelpemy

16.  Redeem feat. Bitter Belief

17.  Ain’t Going Out Like That

Bonus Tracks

19    Rewind (Dazastah Remix)

20    Freaks Are of Nature (freekstyles)

21    Feel This feat. Able

Porsah Laine Band Members:

  • Porsah Laine - Vocals,
  • Dazastah - All instruments
  • Bretskil Hearn – Guitar
  • Layla – Backing Vocals
  • Rachel Pietracatella – Backing Vocals
  • Spittin Image – beat boxing

Produced By: Rob Shaker, Optamus, JSquared, Resist, Apt,  MxAxis, EndevaMick Crannage, Annabelle Harvey and Brendan Gaspari

Recording Studios: Dazastahs Lair, Perth, Western Australia. & The Chess Pit

Recorded by: Dazastah, Porsah Laine, Clecmate

Mixed by: Dazastah

Mastered by: Dazastah

Artwork: Atilla Bak, Luke Hadley, Jalaru Deel @ Toasted Designs

Distributed by and for more info: Independent – Porsah Laine - Itunes


Video:  Porsah Laine My First Time

 Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

4 panel Full Colour Gatefold card sleeve,

Black mono Disc print with Silver base


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Fairbridge Festival 2010 - Crossing Rhythms ProCopy HoT BoD

Fairbridge Festival 2010 Sampler - ProCopy band of the Day,

CD Title:  "Crossing Rhythms”      

Fairbridge Festival 2010 sampler - Crossing Rhythms_CD Cover

Fairbridge Festival 2010 - Crossing Rhythms CD

Released March 2010 Catalog No. FFCD010

Copyright ©2010 All Rights Reserved Fairbridge Festival  Inc.

Style: Folk/ Roots/ Blues / Acoustic / Celtic / a capella / World Music

Bio edited from Fairbridge Festival website:

FAIRBRIDGE FESTIVAL 2010 SAMPLER: Crossing Rhythms (edited from Fairbridge Festival Website)

FAIRBRIDGE FESTIVAL - an annual family-friendly celebration of folk, roots, blues, acoustic, celtic, a capella and world music in a traffic-free, self-contained bushland site at Fairbridge Village, South West Highway, 5 km north of Pinjarra, Western Australia.

The theme for the 2010 Festival is Crossing Rhythms – musical cross-currents, new spins on ancient traditions with spectacular combinations of live music and dance.

On April 9th to 11th 2010 the grounds of Fairbridge will come alive over the weekend with an eclectic collection of brilliant musicians, dance, storytelling, street theatre, workshops and children’s activities. Enjoy delicious food from one of the many vendors and shop for unique art pieces at the festival market stalls which lie within a beautiful and peaceful bush environment. For further information visit the festival markets page.

Song & Artists:

  1. Curl Curl Curl – Mara!
  2. Walk Alone – Sally Dastey & The Sweet Sceptics –
  3. Laura – Greg Sheehan –
  4. Silent Bells – Eddi Reader –
  5. Azul – Nano Stern –
  6. Tango for Billy – The Barons of Tang –
  7. Double-oh-seven –The Fiddle Chicks –
  8. Hunterdon Bolero – Beppe gambetta –
  9. Dancing With You – Toby –
  10. Pretty Fair Maid – Tom McConville –
  11. Woodwork – Lucky Oceans –
  12. Catfish – Ten Cent Shooters –
  13. Les Tisserands – Genticorum –
  14. Bridal March – Andrew Cronshaw & Ian Blake –
  15. Francis Has His Way – Michael Kennedy –
  16. Odmor Malko – dva: -
  17. Harvest Train – James Keelaghan –
  18. It Couldn’t Be Done – Vin Garbutt –
  19. A Cloud No Bigger Than Your Hand – Boo Hewerdine –  

Band Members:

See CD websites for comprehensive band listings.

Produced By: Fairbridge Festival Inc – Reuben Kooeperman

Recording Studios: Various

Recorded by: Various see individual artists

Mixed by: Various see individual artists CD

Mastered by: Mark Whitehouse (The SonicLab Perth, WA)

Artwork: Tad Graphics

Distributed by and for more info: Independent – Fairbridge Festival Inc.
Website: Fairbridge Festival


Video: YouTube

 Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

Standard CD Box with Black tray

6-panel “roll fold“ full colour booklet.

Single sided full colour tray insert.

Black CD Disc print with silver base

ProCopy are Proud Sponsors of this Years Fairbridge Festival.


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