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Tech Tip - Increased Portable Hard Drive Failures

Do you use portable hard drives? Are you aware that the way you use them might be be damaging the drive?

We're seeing an increase in the number of failures with portable harddrives and of course it's really easy to lose a vast amount of information with a faulty 1Tb or 2Tb drive these days, and it's usually the "day before" you were going to do a backup! 

This is what we often see when a portable harddrive is brought in for us to transfer a clients Audio or Video files on to or when they are bringing in a drive with their artwork for a CD or DVD project. 

1Tb Portable Harddrive

Typically the USB cable is left connected and wrapped around the drive. What we're finding is that the connector is being moved around inside cases, back packs or when dropped etc. This is damaging the connections inside the drive casing and levering the small pins inside the connector, this then can cause the drive to stop working.    

So there's a really simple solution to improving the life of the drive - Remove the cable before packing the drive away for transport.


How does storage affect your CD or DVD collection

We often get CDs or DVDs brought in to ProCopy that won't play or show physical signs of problems, the expectation is that they should be replaced under warranty or that it's a shock that they have failed to work. 

Right or wrong we have been given the misconception by manufatureres and the media industry that optical discs are indestructible and can withstand any poor handling or storage.

Certainly CDs and DVDs can withstand more problems that say a vinyl record due to their inbuilt error correction.  In a practical sense they tend to withstand bad scratches until they get to a 'fatal" condition where they then fail to play at all or exhibit mutes where smaller sections won't play properly. 

Leaving discs outside of the packaging, on table tops or on the floor of the car where they can get scratched are some of the most common problems we find. In some cases skimming the disc surface may help - it other circumstances where the label side has been damaged or you can see pin holes of light through the silver layer of the disc - then disc skimming will not fix the issues. In these cases the laser shines completely through the disc and isnt reflectd back to the sensor. So the electronics has no data to work with - hence the player will mute the audio or vision and in extreme cases stop playing altogether.

What's harder to determine is enviromental issues.

Here's recent example that was sent to us by a client:

DVD storage issuesThese DVDs are from the same batch, Manufactured in 2011. So currently 6 years old.

The top disc plays fine and is in good physical condition. It's been stored at our premises in reasonably good conditions, similar to a normal household, but not what you might call library or archive storage conditions.

The bottom disc was stored in a shed where there are extreme temperature variations from day to day and season to season. This has caused the formation of mold and discolouration. It turns out that the person moved to an area where summer temperatures can approach 40c and winter is around 0c. 

After 4-5 years some issues were noticed but they have accelerated in the last 2 years.

They were stored in their normal DVD cases and inside cardboard packing boxes. 

So in summary, to get the best lifespan out of your CDs, DVDs and BluRays treat them like any other fragile medium. Store them in their cases when not being used and handle the discs with care outside of the box. Do not leave them where they will be exposed to extremes of heat and cold like an outside facing wall, or a shed or roof storage, in essence avoid wide variations of temperatures and finally moisture.

If all else fails give us a call on 1300 4 PROCOPY or  08 9375 3902 and we'll see what we can recover




Stock Now Available for Pub Bands Legends Vol2


Perth Pub Band Legends VOL 2 now available.  First orders shipped July 14th 2017



Perth Pub Bands Volume One has been really well received along with the Pub Band Legends programme produced by Mitch Leceister and screened on Channel 9.

There's a massive amount of WA talent to choose from and many of these tracks are favourites of Perth musician and industry friend John Petkovich. Volume 2 has been released in time for a fundraiser gig at the Charles Hotel to help John with his treatment after a recent diagnosis for cancer and profits from Perth Pub Band Legends Vol 2 will go to help John at this time.



Grover Notting Speakers in Perth

following on from Frank Hinton's visit to Perth here are some more details about the Grover Notting speaker and amplifier range 

Dear Colleagues,
For several weeks in June we visited old and new client friends in Adelaide and Perth, meeting many passionate and talented individuals, experiencing their craft and sharing their vision.  It reminded me of the fact, no matter where you are skills are the same, it is just a matter of magnitude, everyone is important. Aspects of the journey also reinforced my view, if all people were able to regularly experience well written, performed, produced and presented music, their lives would be enriched and the world would be a more peaceful and moderate place. Therefore, in this issue, we briefly overview the evolution, role and benefits of a valuable life-force, and conclude with an updated short form GROVER NOTTING® technology catalogue.
The Evolution, Role and Benefits of Music

Thanks to sound, music is possible and thanks to music we have at our disposal a universal language that can penetrate any boundary and engage anyone, anywhere. The origin of the word music derives from the Greek mousike which translates as “art of the Muses”. However, music in its various forms was practiced long before the dawn of Greek civilisation. The first musical performance was most likely executed with percussive implements, followed some time later by the practice of tailoring then blowing into hollow reeds, wood, animal bones and horns. Implements made from bone, horn, reed and wood with holes carved sequentially, have been discovered dating back over 35,000 years, and by their design, indicate an understanding of melody. From these times, archaeological findings and other supporting evidence reveal a steady growth in the sophistication of musical instruments, indicating that music has been a coincident aspect of human evolution. Organised music was certainly sung and performed on percussion, strung and blown instruments in ancient Egypt and surrounding cultures of the time, and probably well before this period. The role, influence and nature of music are usually determined by the resident culture of the day, which will change over the passage of time and be subject to intervening events.
Just as the food and drink we consume nourishes and sustains our body, many feel music is the food that nourishes and sustains our soul. Well written, performed, produced and presented music experienced live or replayed, can be both intellectually and emotionally engaging regardless of genre. Irrespective of an individual’s age, gender, race or creed, all can benefit from the therapeutic, recreational, spiritual, educational and career opportunities and benefits provided by music.
The absolute beginning could centre on the womb, where research indicates a benefit to a developing embryo experiencing or sensing music. Whilst not learned on prenatal matters, this author understands the soothing and calming affect music in the form of a lullaby has in sending a new born to peaceful slumber. Once out of the cradle and in preparation for their formal education many young children will benefit and relate to music in the form of nursery rhymes. While all individuals, regardless of age will benefit from a music education let’s finish this short journey by identifying the fact that music enhances most aspects of our life. A positive impact is realised in language (reading, listening and speaking skills), mathematics, psychomotor skills, creativity, self-esteem, aesthetic considerations, social skills, general academic outcomes, recreational, celebration, inspiration, motivation, therapy, spiritual, commercial and vocational. A faithful companion, music touches the soul, challenges the brain and stimulates the heart, healing, comforting, entertaining, inspiring, connecting, transporting, informing, daring, providing and rewarding.
Technology Catalogue - As at June 2017

GROVER NOTTING® is a comprehensive peak performance critical listening platform deployed in studio and location recording, mixing, mastering, editing, post production, broadcast, forensic, restoration, test laboratory, recreational/audiophile and installed sound environments. Wholly owned, created and manufactured in Australia, the loudspeaker platform and companion drive/logistic technology are designed on ‘first principles’ in three R&D streams, Acoustics, Class AB power plants and Class D power amplifiers, and presented in two distinct ranges as follows
 The definitive cross reference, immersive, multi-channel audio reproduction technology is designed to replicate the typical sonic performance of domestic entertainment systems. This unique platform enables engineers, producers and artists to cross reference studio mixes to the normal recreational experience. However, by virtue of core design techniques and technologies, the platform has proven ideally suited to multi-channel applications and the immersive sound experience in all formats including large spherical arrays (32 channels and beyond). Aside from application in the production of entertainment program GROVER NOTTING® multi-channel immersive sound systems are successfully deployed in education, test laboratory and for recreational use.

                                    CR-2                             CR-1                       CR-Driver        

CR-1              The unique audio monitor focussed on reproducing the Audio Information Band©
CR-2              The quintessential cross reference audio monitor
CR-11            The full bandwidth 2-way passive audio monitor solution
CR-Driver      The power amplifier purpose designed to drive the CR-1, CR-2 and CR-11
Principal Audio Monitor Series
 A peak performance no compromise platform aimed at achieving optimum reproductive linearity across three ranges in which all models share identical performance characteristics, the only variant being bandwidth and SPL capability. All aspects of creating this series were viewed on merit and without adherence to any current industry practise or formula. This first principle design philosophy saw performance and reliability considerations prevail over fashion, meaningless features, aesthetics or convenience. It also realised new techniques and technology deployed alongside that which is tried and proven.
 A concise family of full bandwidth 2-way passive models, each deploying massive aggregate transducer motor power, and the Bandwidth Extension Module©. Suitable for all current and proposed critical listening formats and available with the optional purpose designed remote Power Plant.
                                                 Code 1.5                              Code 4                      

Code 1.5       The tiny but powerful system with an impressive bandwidth of 75Hz-32kHz
Code 4           The quintessential near-field multi-purpose system, 38Hz-32kHz
Code 5           The true midfield multi-purpose system, 35Hz-32kHz
USPP             The power plant purpose designed to drive all Universal Series models

                                                   Universal Series Power Plant
 A comprehensive family of extended bandwidth 3-way bi-amped models, each deploying massive aggregate transducer motor power, and dual Bandwidth Extension Modules©.  All systems in the range reproduce an unprecedented 10 ¼ octaves or more with only two frequency transfers from an infinite baffle. All systems are supplied as a turnkey with a purpose designed remote two channel mono block power plant featuring onboard logistics and the capability of balancing LF energy.

                                          Code 101                                                   Code 102                      

Code 101      The dual chamber near-field deploys 3 transducers with a bandwidth of 26Hz-32kHz
Code 201      The vertical orientation of the Code 101
Code 102      The triple chamber midfield deploys 5 transducers with a bandwidth of 24Hz-32kHz
Code 202      The vertical orientation of the Code 102
Code 104      The quintuple chamber large deploys 9 transducers with a bandwidth of 22Hz-32kHz
A range created to compliment, provide the effects channel and extend the low frequency response of the Universal Series or any other brand or multi-channel system requiring an effects channel. All systems are supplied as a turnkey with a purpose designed remote mono block power plant featuring onboard logistics.
                                                                         Code 9A

Code 9A        The compact small baffle long chamber system rolling off at 25Hz
Code 9B        The compact larger baffle shorter chamber version of the Code 9A
Current R&D Projects

The following projects are currently under development based on logic, practitioner suggestion and to maintain creative skills, some may advance to sign off and inclusion in the technology portfolio, others will be consigned to history, but all are presented here for your interest only.
1. Dual transducer version of the Cross Reference Series model CR-1
2. A Low Frequency Augmentation system for multi-channel Cross Reference Series application
3. The LF-Driver a mono block power amplifier to drive the above
4. The Code 108 a massive 17 transducer Mastering Series system to produce 105dB @ 10 metres
5. A high power Mastering Series Power Plant to drive the above described
6. The HP-Driver a headphone amplifier based on the Cross Reference Series CR-Driver
a) Continuous testing of various timber products for potential application at a later date in the range.
b) We are currently reviewing multiple feed headphone systems based on our Continuous Sigma™ technology.

Grover Notting Speaker design talk by Frank Hinton

Frank Hinton is in Perth to talk about his Grover Notting monitor speakers for 29th and 30th of June

Download the invite here and call Rick Browne for this really informative talk on speaker design and this amazing range of critical listening studio monitors.

Please let Rick know that you've got the invite through ProCopy