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Offbeat Antics - EP No.1 - ProCopy HoT BoD

Offbeat Antics - ProCopy band of the Day,

CD Title:  "Ep No.1”  

Offbeat Antics - EP No.1_CD Cover


Offbeat Antics - No.1 Ep_CD

Released:  2009,  Catalogue No.  

Copyright ©2009 Offbeat Antics

Style:  Rock / Alternative / Pop

Bio edited from Offbeat Antics myspace site:

EP #1 is the current release from Offbeat Antics, We are Offbeat Antics. We are the Whalebird. Beautiful, Absurd, Gravity Defying.

A haunting whalesong calling out in quiet desperation to other travellers of the pop music universe.

We are Honoured to have shared the bill with the likes of Horsell Common, Trial Kennedy, Snowman, Gyroscope, Birds of Tokyo, Tame Impala and Bob Evans.

This year we released our debut CD, 'EP No.1' to a sold out Amplifier Bar. Our tremendous thanks to those who came and waited so long. It was a life affirming experience we will never forget. It begins from here....

"Almost everything about this EP feels right. Warm and tape-driven, each song fills the headphones like aural blancmange. Production aside, the songwriting is just plain good. Unlike so many bands in this town that are constantly sprinting to keep up with the latest trends, Offbeat Antics just write really, really, good music. Opening track 'Here I Am' (admittedly they could work on giving their songs slightly more interesting titles) is a wall of fuzzy pop that fuses Muse and Cut Off Your Hands. There's so much detail in each song that the EP warrants a very close listen. Offbeat Antics should be spending more time sucking up to promoters, because with an EP this strong they should be topping local bills".
- EP No.1 Review Drum Media 'Single of the Week'

CD Song Titles & Artists for Offbeat Antics  – “Ep No.1”  CD

  1. Here I Am
  2. Isolation
  3. Relapse
  4. Suicide Vixen
  5. Secrets

Offbeat Antics Band Lineup:

  • Azlan Mohamed Noh – Lead Vocals
  • Andrew Cowie – Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Phillip Lovatt – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocal 
  • Cameron Pretsee – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals & Trombone
  • Matt Giovannagelo – Additional Keys & Percussion

Produced By: Matt Giovannagelo

Recording Studios:  Underground Studios, Perth, Western Australia

Recorded by: Matt Giovannagelo

Assistant Engineer: James Newhouse

Mixed by: Matt Giovannagelo

Mastered by: Rich O’Neill – Turtlerock Mastering Studios, Sydney, Australia.

CD Artwork: Cameron Pretsee

Distributed by and for more info: Independent – Offbeat Antics

Amazon Downloads:

Myspace: Offbeat Antics

YouTube Video: Offbeat Antics

Description ProCopy CD Package Type:

4 panel DigiPack with clear Tray

CD print white base with full colour print,

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